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Meningitis Vaccine available and can be administered at CMC.

21 March 2014

A vaccine that protects against a deadly form of meningitis is available in the UK and can be administered at CMC.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which has recommended the move to the government, had said last year that the jab was not cost-effective and is therefore not currently available on the NHS.

About 1,870 people contract meningitis B each year and one in 10 dies.

Babies under one year are most at risk of meningitis B, and the cases peak at around five or six months of age.

The bacterial infection causes inflammations of the brain and spinal cord. It leaves one in four with life-altering effects, such as brain damage or limb loss.

'First in the world'

There are vaccines against other forms of meningitis but the Bexsero jab, developed by Novartis, is the only one thought to protect against meningitis B.

It's a wonderful outcome which will save lives and spare countless families the trauma of seeing a loved one seriously disabled by the devastating after effects of MenB”

Christopher Head, Meningitis Research Foundation

The JCVI considered the introduction of the meningitis B vaccine last summer but in an interim judgement, it ruled it would not be cost-effective to the NHS to introduce it.

However, the Menengitis B vaccine can be obtained and administered privately at Centennial Medical Care, CMC.

Due to the high press coverage, demand will no doubt exceed supply so please contact CMC if you require a vaccine for your child.

020 3327 7777