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Dr Neil Shah returns to practice

20 July 2016

Centennial Medical Care is pleased to announce the return of world renowned Paediatric Gastroenterologist; Dr Neil Shah.

Dr Shah has reopened his regular clinics with Centennial Medical Care.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Shah, please call Centennial Medical Care on 0203 327 7777. You can also view his full profile here.

Brief History

Dr Shah has developed a passion for gastrointestinal allergy studies as he faces food allergy problems every day both at work as well as home. Dr Shah was appointed to the St. Thomas paediatric allergy service in 2009 to work with their food allergy team in cases where children have ‘mixed’ allergy. In 2008, he was a runner up for a doctor of the year award and was in the final three doctors for the child and 2012 family award. He is also patron of the Daniel Courtney Trust.

Dr Shah is involved in the development of regional/national guidelines for practical identification and treatment of GI allergy. Dr Shah is the scientific advisor to the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and has trained and collaborates with Cincinnati Children’ Eosinophilic division.

Dr Shah also leads the Genetic identification of rare gastrointestinal conditions with two PhD students working on early onset Inflammatory bowel disorders. He is also co-director of the Academy of Paediatric Gastroenterology, which deliver 10 courses per year in the several areas of paediatric gastroenterology.


Gastrointestinal food allergy disorders including reflux, pain and diarrhoea

Genetic disorders such as complex and early onset inflammatory bowel disease.