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Hypnosis helped me overcome a lifetime of migraines and set me free

28 January 2020

Tracy Hart suffered with migraines for 13 years between 3-5 times per week. The migraine headaches were so debilitating that they caused vomiting and she found herself having to spend days in bed. It ruined her social life as she could never plan to go anywhere in fear that a migraine would strike and she felt she hadn't achieved her full potential in her business, as suffering from these daily migraines, she couldn't go into work. She had relied on sumatriptan migraine tablets and wouldn't go anywhere without them although they didn't stop them occurring, only helped them go after 3-5 hours. Tracy was recommended to see our resident hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Expert, Elliott Wald. Tracy had a one hour session and returned today three weeks later for her subsequent session and said "I haven't had a migraine in three weeks, I feel like I was in a wheelchair and now I don't need it, I've thrown it away and I feel so alive and able to plan my life"

CMC are dedicated in bringing you the very best consultants and people in their fields for your benefit. You can book an appointment to see Hypnosis Expert, Elliott Wald here at CMC.... For more information on the treatments he provides see www.hypnosis-expert.com