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All the Consultants working at CMC are independent practitioners who have personal responsibility for the care they provide. Whilst they are not CMC employees, they are required to operate according to CMC policies and procedures. Many of our Consultants are employed by the NHS and also work across a number of other independent providers.

Every Consultant is listed on the General Medical Council (GMC) medical register and undergoes a thorough vetting process prior to being granted “practising privileges” to consult at CMC. Once approved, each consultant becomes part of our ongoing monitoring and auditing programme to ensure all information is kept up to date.

Your relationship with the Consultant involved in your treatment exists as a separate legal relationship alongside your relationship with CMC.

Whilst Consultants are responsible for clinical decision-making and the quality of the care they deliver, CMC is responsible for ensuring that there are systems of monitoring in place, designed to ensure that Consultants practise in accordance with CMC policy and in line with their practising privileges. All Consultants are required to maintain adequate minimum levels of medical malpractice indemnity cover, in keeping with GMC guidance, and CMC undertakes checks to ensure that indemnity certificates are in place.

Below is a list of our consultants and GPs.

To download a full list of all our consultants and GP's in PDF format please click here.

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As a result of the current pandemic, we have implemented the following screening protocols to ensure the safety of all staff, patients and service users. Read more


We have GPs available every day and an on-site pharmacy for prescriptions.

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